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IFD GmbH plans, develops and implements software systems for automated and manual fields of intralogistics worldwide. The range of products and services consists of:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Material Flow Control Systems
  • Forklift Control Systems
  • Picking solutions
  • Simulation
  • Individual software solutions
  • Service & Support

The goal of our solutions is to improve logistics performance and optimize logistics processes.


Tomorrow's logistics

iFD GmbH owns an independent research and development department. This is an important requirement to guarantee a permanent innovation and advancement process for all software systems and add-on components.

Continuous development, active research projects, and ongoing improvement of concepts and products are the guarantee for success for adapted software systems. These software systems represent the perfect logistic solution for multiple national and international customers.

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More than 300 projects

Since the founding of the company in 1990 iFD realized more than 300 cross-industry projects.

The iFD systems are used across all industries in almost every size and characteristics - from classic warehouse management for manual and automated warehouses, to material flow control systems for facilities with high availability requirements, to picking systems using Pick-By-Voice or Pick-By-Light - technology.

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Complex processes easily operated

The browser-based, modular Warehouse Management System supports all manual and automatic intralogistics processes. With dimensioning logics, the system is suitable for both classic picking warehouses and highly complex automated systems - with batch or wave picking.

Easy to integrate

The system stands for maximum flexibility, which is particularly evident in individual hardware concepts and the connectivity options of host and subsystems. Smartphones, tablets and wearables can easily be integrated at any technology level. The well thought-out, intuitive operating instructions facilitate quick training and increase the acceptance of the system.

current and clearly laid aout

With perfectly coordinated report and KPI functionalities, the WMS contains a complete control tool. The monitoring and evaluation of processes - up to the employee evaluation - is part of the system. The stock visualisation provides utilisation and order key figures and provides recommendations for action.

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smart transport management

The level of automation in logistics increases continuously. Due to the high investments, it is essential to fully exploit the capacity of your automated system with intelligent controls. Our material flow control is a manufacturer-independent, future-proof solution that offers highest performance, the best routing, flexible interfaces, and free choice of database and operating system.

start to a prosperous future

Green field or retrofit projects: The iFD WarehouePilot garantees system availability requirements of more than 99.8% and adapts easily to new, customer specific requirements. Because of perfectly proven migration concepts and over 30 years of experience iFD is your best partner if it comes to the replacement of legacy systems and the trouble-free smooth implementation of our state-of-the-art solutions.

all in one view

With the WarehousePilot from iFD, all important system parameters are visualized in an easy and understandable way. An central, browser-based monitoring system - that makes additional SCADA software needles - is used to permanently visualize information about the current system occupancy, active transport orders and cycle states of individual conveyor locations. Adjustments such as closing and opening of selected areas can be done directly through the visualization dialogue.

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Smart driving – save hard

Increase the performance of your fleet with existing resources. All transports are optimised in a digital order pool, managed and assigned to the forklift fleet in real time. Increase process reliability, avoid empty runs, maximise utilisation and meet target deadlines - the iFD forklift control system supports everything.

Keep the overview

The iFD SLS keeps track of utilisation, locations and available equipment at all times. As a result, priorities from orders and processes are reconciled and conflicts are eliminated. Using comprehensive statistics, the system can generate KPIs and provides comprehensive evaluations of productivity, full and empty runs and fleet utilisation.

Industry 4.0 in practice

The connection and control of driverless transport systems (AGV) is also implemented in the iFD-SLS. And our system even goes a step further, as it not only allows the control and optimisation of the manned and unmanned fleet, but also the coordinated control of man and machine in one system.

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tailored simulation

Complexity and dynamics in the production and logistics process are constantly increasing. Logistical problems often push the boundaries of Operation Research methods, and that's where our simulation system comes in. The digital model analyses emerging issues and can be fixed before they affect your inventory.

hedging of investments

With a reliable simulation, you receive an important tool for answering questions regarding the optimal design of conveyor technology as well as for the optimization of production processes and order sequences. This allows you to check in advance the benefits of planned investments and to assess their effectiveness.

simulation – learning from the future

With a simulation that realistically maps the complexity and dynamics of your technical systems, your processes can be displayed transparently. You can test new processes and coordinate them optimally. The simulation shows cause-and-effect relationships and allows bottlenecks to be identified and analysed before they occur.

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24/7 ready to assist you

support level 1 – Helpdesk:
You report the incident to the helpdesk of the iFD Group. By means of a hotline and/ or remote access for application software, a first error analysis is carried out and necessary measures are initiated.

support level 2 – Second Level Support:
If a problem can not be solved by our help desk, the second level support will handle the service case.

support level 3 – Third Level Support:
In the event that the problem solving needs to involve the developers of the affected components, manufacturers or third parties, the help desk monitors and coordinates necessary activities.

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