Sustainability Goals and Strategy: social Responsibility, donations, and integration of sustainability criteria

In the globalized world, assuming social responsibility has become a crucial element for us to pursue sustainable development. This responsibility spans various areas within iFD GmbH, including donations, the integration of sustainability criteria, and promoting sustainability among local suppliers.

The integration of sustainability criteria into our daily business operations is a important step. This includes ecological, social, and economic aspects across all business processes. Our aim is to increase resource efficiency and ensure social standards along the entire value chain. By implementing these criteria, we not only make a contribution to environmental protection, but also strengthen our competitiveness and long-term business success.



Employee Engagement: key Role in sustainability and corporate culture

Our employees are the heart of iFD and their engagement plays a central role in promoting and establishing sustainability initiatives and developing our positive corporate culture. The support of our employees is not only a significant part of our commitment to sustainability, but also a key factor in our success in social and environmental initiatives.




Energy efficiency: optimized energy consumption for a sustainable ecological footprint

At a time when environmental protection is playing an increasingly central role, energy efficiency is becoming a key factor for sustainable business at iFD GmbH. Our focus is on optimizing energy consumption in order to reduce our ecological footprint and conserve resource.

The reduction of our resources is further supported by the automation of processes. The use of intelligent technologies such as sensors and measuring devices enables us to better control our energy consumption and use resources more efficiently. This automation not only provides us with precise control but also helps to minimize human error, which leads to a further improvements in energy efficiency.




Diversity and inclusion: diversity promotes equal opportunities and a positive work environment

Our diverse workforce composed of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, forms the core of our inclusive corporate culture. The principle of equal opportunities for all is central to iFD, creating a working environment in which every employee can reach their full potential.

iFD GmbH is committed not only to creating space for the personal and professional development of each employee, but also taking clear actions to ensure equal opportunities for success. This includes training programs, professional development opportunities, and the removal of barriers that could hinder professional progression. For us, this also means overcoming prejudice, combating discrimination and promoting a culture in which every employee feels equally valued and supported.