Forklift control system



Why a VNA forklift control system?

The narrow aisle warehouse is very popular. High volume utilization and efficiency are just a few selected, good reasons why the narrow aisle warehouse is often found in intralogistics.

Finally there is something that makes this warehouse area even better: the iFD narrow aisle forklift control system.

The iFD VNA forklift control system is able to take over any narrow aisle warehouse processes - from transport optimization to warehouse management.


Discover Your intralogistics potential

Do more with your existing equipment: the core competence of the iFD narrow aisle forklift control system.

Lane changes, fork side turns and unnecessary routes primarily mean time expenditure, which is not directly related to performance. All of these activities can be reduced to a minimum and the productivity of the narrow-aisle trucks can be improved by an average double-digit percentage.

The integrated optimization algorithms proactively avoid unnecessary jumping between individual aisles.



One-fits-all solution for the narrow aisle warehouse

Stop when it's most beautiful? Not with the iFD narrow aisle truck guidance system.

In addition to the grandiose transport optimization, the warehouse management of the entire narrow-aisle warehouse is no longer a problem with the iFD system. Thanks to the modular structure of the software, functions and modules can be taken over from other iFD logistics software solutions and connected to the narrow aisle forklift control system.

The system covers all narrow aisle processes, no matter whether

  • Warehouse management of unmixed and mixed load carriers
  • Specialist search taking into account weights, heights, dimensions, etc.
  • Organization of transport chains (from forklift truck to narrow aisle truck and vice versa)
  • Order picking of individual products in narrow aisles or
  • Derivation of KPIs and creation of warehouse analyses..

The iFD narrow aisle forklift control system, or translated: the cost-effective and highly scalable logistics software for your narrow aisle warehouse that grows with your needs.


Reach new heights with warehouse navigation

Very narrow aisle forklift warehouse navigation is a solution that makes the narrow aisle warehouse even better. Every storage and retrieval is perfect thanks to the automated target approach of the shelf compartment.

The iFD narrow aisle forklift control system has standardized interfaces for the quick connection of this solution. The driving orders are created appropriately in the respective process step by the iFD system, transmitted to the warehouse navigation system via an interface and corresponding status messages are displayed.

DIn combination with the warehouse navigation, the iFD narrow aisle forklift control system knows only one direction: the way up.