Forklift control system


Knows no limits

Man + machine = strong team! A concept that works. The collaboration between these actors is a core idea in terms of Industry 4.0. 

The iFD forklift control system is the new platform for this. It doesn't matter whether it's a front forklift truck or a tugger train, whether it's a robot or autonomous forklift truck. All devices from any manufacturer can be integrated in the iFD control system. 

Each conveyor is integrated into the system with its individual capabilities and transport tasks are assigned precisely with regard to the respective attributes. Incorrect assignment to an unsuitable transport vehicle is thus excluded. 

The iFD forklift control system does not see itself as an isolated solution, but is the epitome of interoperability. The internal transport is viewed as an overall process and organized across the various conveyors. 

Flexibility has a new name: the iFD forklift control system. 




Master strategist

The linking of man and machine opens up new dimensions in the control of intralogistics, as the boundaries between the working areas of AGV and manual materials handling equipment are constantly being blurred. 

Should a transport be carried out by a forklift driver or AGV? Which criteria play a role in the award of the contract? On the basis of which parameters does a conveyor receive the order? 

The iFD forklift control system knows the answers. Based on the properties of the conveyor, the system selects suitable devices and, thanks to real-time prioritization, the right transport order is assigned to the right conveyor. 

In addition to the already intelligent prioritization algorithms, further settings can be made. For example, certain tasks, such as the supply of new empties or the removal of finished goods, can be taken over by autonomous conveyors. 

On the basis of the transport processes, processing by a desired conveyor can be set as a favourite. 

The iFD forklift control system enables an individual strategy, tailored to your intralogistics. 

Intelligent transport management in the spirit of Industry 4.0 - that is the iFD forklift control system.