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Why a forklift control system?

The advantage of an Forclift Control System over the manual control of transport requests is that each order in the system is evaluated by the SLS individually with regard to the parameterised properties. In this way, the system can group suitable orders in such a way that minimal transport costs are incurred and at the same time the external criteria for order execution are met (e.g. latest delivery date).

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minimum transport effort

The SLS manages all transport requests centrally in a database and allocates them one after the other to the active stackers. With mobile client stations, it controls the forklift truck fleet and order-optimised at all nodes of the logistics process, such as goods receipts, picking areas, manual storage zones and dispatch stations, but also at production sites. Thanks to complete digitisation at the system transitions, the handling of forklift transport is considerably simplified (printed consignment notes are completely eliminated).

increased effectiveness

Using an SLS increases the effectiveness of your logistics by delivering the right transports at the right time. You can handle rush orders easily, shorten your lead times and avoid bottlenecks. This optimises your delivery reliability and automatically increases the satisfaction of your customers.


The system keeps extensive journals about all activities that change the master or transaction data. This means that all transport processing steps are recorded chronologically. With the statistics generated by the system, you create transparency and have control over all completed in-house transports. The solid database enables you to further improve your material flow and empties management.

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