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Why Pick-to-light

The pick-by-light system from iFD GmbH is the perfect solution for creating completely paperless, digital picking with high accuracy requirements. The standard system WILL be adapted according to the requirements and can be combined with hardware from different providers. All services are provided entirely by iFD GmbH. Our iFD-PBL is user-friendly, can be easily integrated into new and existing, manual or automated storage systems and can be flexibly expanded in terms of functional breadth and depth. With the iFD pick-by-light system, incorrect picking can be almost completely ruled out. There is a signal lamp on each storage compartment with a display and at least one acknowledgment button.



Basic functions of the iFD-PBLS:

  • One-step picking
  • Display removal compartment
  • Display withdrawal quantity (depending on compartment display type)
  • Removal confirmation on the compartment display
  • Quantity correction (notification of missing quantities) on the compartment display (depending on the compartment display type)
  • System specification of the order of picking
  • Interruption/continuation of started picking orders
  • Printing of picking documents
  • Plausibility check of picking orders
  • Picking with picking zones

The hardware independence of the Pick by Light system is a major advantage of the iFD. This means that the customer is completely free in the choice of the hardware components used.  The use of different component suppliers is also possible and has been tested in practice, the only additional expense in interface customizing arises at this point.

This saves a lot of time and money, especially when it comes to conversions and extensions. Extensive reports and statistics within the PBL system facilitate control and essentially contribute to the evaluation of the picking process. This means more transparency in the processes and the possibility of a performance-related bonus system. The permanent exchange of data with the HOST system enables the fast and complete transfer of information, the system-controlled checking of the correct execution and the permanent updating of the processing status. The eye-catching light informs the user about the correct removal location.

Reducing the search time enables an increase in picking speed. In addition, the eye-catching lights can light up in different colors. This makes it very easy to map process-specific situations. The acknowledgment at the removal compartment guarantees that the employee has picked the right item. At the same time, the removal confirmation is communicated directly to the system so that the current status of the picking order is always available.

Pick-by-Light combines high picking performance with intuitive and ergonomic operation. This means that new staff can be trained within a very short time without extensive training measures. In addition, a continuously high picking performance can be achieved.


Advantages of Pick-by-Light Systems:

  • Route-optimized picking, with real-time feedback
  • Secure inventory management
  • Short learning curve for the system
  • Punctual and reliable order processing
  • Short search time within picking
  • Direct communication with the HOST system (acknowledgment of removal and possible correction input)
  • Staff flexibility through simple process
  • No additional peripherals required next to the displays - hands-free work


With our partner KBS Industrieelektronik we have already been able to prove the advantages of a pick-by-light system in practice several times. Due to the large variety of pick-by-light displays, a suitable hardware concept can be found for every application.

New technologies, such as OLED displays for displaying graphics or touch sensors for automatic acknowledgment, also ensure that logistics processes are made even faster and safer.