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The warehouse management of iFD GmbH provides a comprehensive range and depth of functions. Due to the modular design, we can plan and implement tailor-made software for your company within a shrot time. With a variety of combination options, the system can be quickly adapted to any industry and the specific requirements. This gives you immediate access to all the functions want and at the same time allows you the option of expanding the system functionally at any time.

The warehouse management system of iFD GmbH - intuitive user guidance that adapts itself.

  • Client Server System
  • database and operating system independent
  • flexible interfaces
  • Can be used across multiple locations
  • multilingual

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One for all requirements



Absolute transparency

By default, the WMS of the iFD is already equipped with a large number of perfectly coordinated information and control instruments.


The cockpit displays all important information about the current status and utilisation of the entire system. Due to the color-changing status displays, the cockpit offers you quick reaction and intervention options for critical conditions.

Warehouse visualisation

With the associated license-independent stock visualisation, you always have a central overview of the entire warehouse. From key figures of the entire system to detailed information on individual elements: From the visualisation, you can import important additional data, such as e.g. LU number and storage date. Immediate problem detection and localisation with a color-coded error display also allows you to intervene immediately in the event of disruptions.


The data of the motivator is also individually composable. By placing them directly in the warehouse or in production areas, your employees get a direct overview and information about the current performance of the shift or the storage area - the perfect incentive for increasing performance and achieving goals.

Platform neutral and customisable

A versatile mask concept is the basic requirement for intuitive and user-friendly work. In order to integrate familiar processes and to maintain the acceptance of the employees, we discuss the structure and content of the individual masks in advance with you in detail.

This allows future users to make quick, informed decisions and present all important information at a glance. Through the use of browser-based web frontends, the masks can be called up at any computer at any time without additional installation effort.

Templates for administration
  • Easy-select fields for fast record selection
  • Link to further information
  • Integrability of images in detail masks
  • colored representation of status evaluations
Templates for mobile devices
  • reduced to the required information content
  • variable input options (via scan or touch)
  • quick selection of multiple used processes

Control of conveying and storage technology

The WMS of the iFD GmbH includes the mapping of different sequencing strategies for the highly complex JIS / JIT requirements and an integrable vehicle control for AGVS.

In addition to conventional conveyor technology and AS/RSs from different manufacturers AutoStores, overhead monorail systems and electric ground conveyors have also been integrated into numerous projects.

The WMS can be combined with the entire portfolio of the iFD







Validation of warehouse logistics for the WMS is a crucial step to ensure that the warehouse management system meets the company's requirements and ensures smooth business operations.

Effective validation of the WMS allows companies to ensure that the system has all the necessary functions and is correctly configured to meet the specific requirements of the warehouse and the company. Through testing and verification, the WMS can identify issues and errors before they affect business operations.

Here is the link to the certificate.


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