Forklift control system


Warehouse Navigation - Middleware

With the warehouse navigation, well-known manufacturers of narrow-aisle trucks offer an intelligent solution for narrow-aisle warehouses for automated target arrival. 

And intelligent hardware also requires the right software. 

The iFD warehouse navigation middleware is a lean solution with direct communication to the HOST system, which can be implemented in just a few days. 

The connection takes place almost automatically via standardized and tried and tested interfaces with current technologies. 

The processing of the transport tasks remains entirely in the hands of the HOST system. 

The overview is always maintained: the transmission of the transport commands is checked and error messages are output directly in the application. 




Installed locally on the terminal, transport commands are translated into target coordinates by the HOST system and forwarded to the narrow-aisle truck via an interface. 

Thanks to the lean solution design, neither database nor application servers are necessary. 

Here you will find an excerpt of the interface technologies with which the iFD warehouse navigation middleware has already been implemented 

  • Web service interfaces: REST and SOAP
  • JSON interface
  • Apache Kafka interface
  • Database interfaces
  • File Interfaces
  • When connecting to SAP: RFC and IDoc

Other connections are also possible on request.