Highly efficient and reliable

Why AutoStore?

Investments in new storage capacities are expensive and time-consuming, and are preceded by a complex planning phase. This not only inhibits potential companies, but also requires a holistic view of the company's own intralogistics. The fully automatic AutoStore system can be adapted to the spatial restrictions on site. In this way, picker workstations can be arranged according to choice in order to achieve higher storage capacities without major adjustments.

Benefits of AutoStore

In terms of the basic structure, AutoStore corresponds to a static storage system, but a structure guided by robots that allows sorting at any time, including the relocation of containers. Orders can be “prescheduled” to a certain extent via the iFD warehouse management system if it is clear that they will be needed soon.

  • Maximum utilization of existing storage space through flexible adaptation (e.g. across different levels)
  • Modular design that can be easily adapted to any storage area
  • Scalable in storage area / storage volume - the entire warehouse can be flexibly expanded
  • High throughput and cost savings through effective use of energy by the robots