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Why a material flow control?

In order to meet the efficiency requirements of modern logistics, a flexible, reliable transparent control system is required. The iFD MFCS controls and coordinates your entire material flow regardless of manufacturer. Benefit from our many years of experience and comprehensive solution concepts.

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Fast decisions and optimal routes

There are many many ways to reach the same destination – MFCS finds the right one in milliseconds. The route optimisation is the core of the material flow control system. The iFD-MFCS has an intelligent routing-engine, which processes all aspects of a transportation order in real-time and is always finding the best route. According to capacity, availability, interferences or in dependence of certain rules, the best route will be selected.

maximal adaptability

The MFC offers standard interfaces to any common HOST systems, like for example SAP. By means of the flexible interface module, it is easily possible to connect any subordinate systems. Standard interfaces exist for Kanban systems, stacker crane, electrified monorail systems, electronic scale, labeler, volume measuring instruments, cardboard container erector or pallet wrappers to name only a few elements. In addition, for migration projects, insufficient documented interfaces can be replicated with the iFD technology.

Track material flow in real time

The integrated graphical iFD plant visualisation gives you a central overview of the condition of the entire system. The standard version includes a scaling of the visualisation from a complete overview to detailed information of individual places or containers. Graphic elements provide additional information such as LU number, source or destination.

  • display of system status and conveyor technology
  • transport information via mouse over
  • color coding in case of faults
  • view of different operating states
  • notification of the technical capacity utilization
  • visualisation of the occupancy of traffic jams and vehicles

A comprehensive package

The MFCS of the iFD GmbH provides a comprehensive range of functions. Thanks to the modular structure you can determine it by yourself and later expand at any time. The modular structur makes the iFD-MFCS flexibly adaptable and can be scaled to different plant sizes

The WMS add-on offers integrated warehouse management services in interaction with ERP systems. The MFCS takes responsibility for
stock management at the level of stock units and can deliver inventory information of the LUs. Additionally, the add-on covers diferent storage processes like inbound and picking as well as different storage strategies.

The MFCS can be combined with the entire portfolio of the iFD.


Your advantages

With the intelligent MFC of the iFD you have the following advantages:

  • manufacturer- and technology-independent
  • plant visualisation directly browser-integrated
  • stability and guaranteed availability of over 99.8%
  • time and capacity-oriented routing strategies to increase throughput and delivery on time
  • short training period and efficient process flow control with integrated emulators
  • direct integration to iFD-WMS
  • installation on just one central server

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