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Why Retrofit?

Legacy systems or legacy software, outdated applications: At some point, every application reaches the point where a migration cannot be avoided.

Are you faced with the challenge of making your existing software fit for the future, so that it can be further developed and maintained with economically reasonable effort?

The challenge with legacy systems is often that support for the software and availability of spare parts for components is limited. Rebuilding the system is rarely an option due to the high costs involved. With our extensive knowledge from a large number of migration projects, we support our customers in finding an economically priced solution and implementing the concept.

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Retrofit Targets:

  • extension of the life span of the system
  • increasing of productivity and energy efficiency
  • reduction of downtimes
  • lower costs for maintenance and support
  • decreasing effort for education and training
  • step-by-step concept for risks minimization

Retrofit reasons:

  • end of development - no further development of the software and/or control system
  • no functional extensions possible
  • adaptation of dialogs (operating screens) is time-consuming and cost-intensive
  • no possibility of security-related updates
  • migration to current operating systems or integration of security features impossible
  • new hardware components cannot be integrated



We were involved to a large extent in the implementation of warehouse management systems and material flow control systems on behalf of Mannesmann Demag in the 1990s. During the subsequent process improvements to the productive software, a wide range of development services were carried out. We have high expertise in the replacement of third-party systems and openVMS-based warehouse management systems.

Special emphasis is placed on the following aspects during a retrofit:

  • The replacement of components will not affect the production capability of the system.
  • The functions of the system components to be replaced will be fully and simultaneously available in the replacement systems..

No impact on productive operation, system security and support..

IT modernisations are usually associated with risks that are difficult to assess. Reducing these risks is the core focus of the migration methodology used. The focus in terms of content is the comprehensive and complete mapping of the currently implemented system functions, system behavior and all interfaces used.

To minimize the risk of failure and ensure operation, a detailed emulation of all subordinate controls and interfaces is carried out in advance of the changeover. With our extensive modular system, the connection of controls and communication protocols of any technology is possible and offers great security for future changeovers and extensions of the system.

Conversion concept:

Our changeover concept provides a step-by-step modernisation. Both, a pure software modernisation and a combination of software and technology modernisation have been field proven and tested in practice. Parallel operation of the legacy system and the new application ensures a smooth transition.

Coupling tests and test processes are carried out on the system over several weekends, depending on the complexity of the system and non-operating times. Technical modifications are usually carried out during major breaks of business operation. With our proven migration concept, a return to the legacy environment is guaranteed at any time.

The final test is used for the changeover and the release for the go-live of the new system. During subsequent operational support in productive operation, the software is functionally completely validated, the operators are supported in using the new application and the software is accepted after the joint acceptance test.







We support our customers both in the concept for the renewal of hardware components and in conversions of the material flow control system itself. Retrofit projects can be carried out together with our partners or those of the customer.

As a solution provider, we work with experienced and renowned partners. Mapping a comprehensive ecosystem and a holistic approach for our customer is our top priority.



  • Dambach Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG

  • H&V Industrieautomation & Service GmbH









                               Erismann & CIE. GmbH                          Exide Technologies Operations GmbH & Co. KG


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