LogiMAT 2024 took place from March 19 to 21 under the motto "SHAPING CHANGE TOGETHER". With an impressive variety of exhibitors and innovative solutions, the trade fair offered a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Of course, as a specialist for software solutions for intralogistics, iFD could not be missing at the leading international trade fair for intralogistics and process management. iFD took part in this important event for the 15th time.

This year's trade fair placed a special focus on the topics of digitalization, automation and sustainability. The exhibitors presented a wide range of solutions for optimizing warehouse and logistics processes, from intelligent warehouse management systems to robot-assisted picking systems.

An outstanding highlight was our presentation on the topic of "Shortage of skilled workers in logistics: How a warehouse management system can solve the problem". This gave us the opportunity to share our expertise and open up new perspectives. We firmly believe that technology is the key to overcoming the challenges of the skills shortage in logistics. By implementing advanced warehouse management systems, companies can not only increase their efficiency, but also reduce workload and better utilize skilled personnel. By presenting our solutions and explaining the benefits of a technological approach to logistics problems, we were able to help raise awareness of the importance of innovation and progress in the industry. Our vision is to empower companies to deal with the challenges of the skills shortage while increasing their efficiency and competitiveness.



We had many interesting conversations with visitors at our stand. It was encouraging to hear about the challenges companies are facing and to see how our software solutions can help overcome them.

We can happily say that LogiMAT 2024 was a significant success for iFD and an extremely enriching experience. During this trade fair, we were not only able to present our latest product solutions, but also gain valuable insights into the current challenges and trends in the industry. iFD remains committed to developing innovative solutions to help companies optimize their warehouse and logistics processes and meet the challenges of the future. Our participation at LogiMAT has once again confirmed that we are on the right track to make a positive contribution to the development of the logistics industry. We are full of drive and determination to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and to offer our customers the best possible support in overcoming their challenges.

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