Automotive Supplier Optimizes Material Handling Fleet with iFD-Forklift Control System

For over 55 years, our new client has been developing and manufacturing innovative braking, chassis, and drive components for companies in the automotive industry. In recent years, the company has steadily evolved into a significant player in the global metal forming technology. Due to the digital transformation and to ensure continued production quality, iFD GmbH has been tasked with implementing a forklift control system.

Presently, there is no central control for the forklift fleet; logistics personnel operate independently, selecting transport tasks based on experience and intuition. However, this approach results in high instances of idle and search movements, which the introduction of the forklift control system aims to significantly reduce.

The iFD-Forklift Control System digitally captures all transport activities and efficiently manages them using intelligent optimization algorithms. In real-time, the system consistently computes the optimal transport task for the forklift operator. Allocation of transport tasks to vehicles is entirely digital and paperless.

Beyond considering distances in task prioritization, the iFD-Forklift Control System also evaluates critical quality criteria such as target times, source/sink utilization, or task aging. Priority settings can be adjusted freely, ensuring that transport processing occurs not only at minimum costs but also at the highest quality.

The system's functionality for the customer includes manual and automatic order creation through SAP integration, empty container transport, accompanying transports, time-controlled order generation, and tool requisition from high-bay storage.

In summary, the iFD-Forklift Control System yields numerous advantages:

  • Reduction in material handling vehicles through increased productivity
  • Significant decrease in intra-logistics costs
  • Improved utilization and equitable distribution of tasks across all vehicles
  • Future-proofing through a modern framework
  • Optimized and prioritized handling of transport tasks
  • Enhanced process security and flexibility
  • Transparency and traceability in intra-company transport

We are excited about this new project and look forward to our collaborative efforts.

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