igus in Cologne relies on iFD WarehousePilot

The hidden champion igus, manufacturer of lubrication-free and wear-resistant high-performance polymers for motion ("motion plastics") based in Cologne, relies on the WarehousePilot from the material flow experts at iFD to modernize the automatic control and management of its high-bay warehouse.

The company operates a 14-aisle high-bay warehouse in which two aisles have already been successfully automated. These aisles are equipped with two Beewen storage and retrieval machines for handling stackable containers. The storage and retrieval machines enable storage and retrieval to upstream storage locations and also support order picking.

The WarehousePilot from iFD not only controls the storage and retrieval machines, but also manages all storage locations, carries out compartment searches and coordinates error handling in the automated aisles. All transport tasks, including storage and retrieval as well as picking, are seamlessly transferred from the ERP system to the WarehousePilot via an interface and executed.

The material flow computer had to be replaced in order to enable the future automation of further warehouse aisles without any problems and to ensure low-risk operation. The successful implementation of this project was supported by the extensive experience gained from numerous completed retrofit projects and the proven iFD migration concept.

In the medium term, igus plans to automate additional aisles. With WarehousePilot, a simple expansion of the control system to include additional storage and retrieval machines in new aisles is economically feasible with minimal effort. This advanced software solution supports igus in its efforts to continue to grow and adapt to changing market conditions.


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