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customer requirements

Construction of a new warehouse with adjacent production. For this major project, the introduction of an agile and highly available warehouse management system incl. transport control system was essential.

The warehouse was designed as a high-bay warehouse with additional use of a flow rack in the areas of incoming goods, production provision and outgoing goods.

For the control of the internal transports in the raw material area, an automatic stacker was implemented via interface. In the future, it is planned to implement this process in the order picking area as well, where reach trucks are currently used.

For the final inspection of the finished and palletized goods, the pallets picked up are weighed and checked by the iFORK of the stacker in the loading area. The data is transmitted to the WMS via interface and reconciled. If the goods are free of defects and released, the consignment is booked out and checked by a final scan using a phototor and the data incl. file image is reported back to the WMS.