Videolux Holding

Electrical engineering


customer requirements

Control of warehouse management processes for the central warehouses and stores of both retail chains as follows:

  • Integration with ERP system SAP S4 Hana
  • Several clients with their own warehouse structures (central warehouse Technopolis, central warehouse Praktiker, warehouses of cca. 80 stores), but common master data
  • Control of goods receipt and transport of goods to the storage areas
  • Different types of storage: pallet rack storage, rack storage for small parts, block storage for palletless storage of large products (e.g. household appliances)
  • Manual operation of forklifts via handheld app
  • Control of picking - mixed mode of operation for picking mixed and full pallets is possible; two-stage picking of large household appliances with special machines (clamper)
  • Control of the retrieval and shipping process
  • Control of replenishment processes
  • Control of external transport, incl. route optimization
  • Inventory processes