Siemens AG

Electrical engineering

Nürnberg, Berlin, Amberg

customer requirements

So far, the iFD forklift control system with flexible, automated control concepts for industrial trucks (forklifts; tugger trains; trailer traffic; electric tow tractors; suitcase shuttle) has been implemented at four locations. The following functions, among others, were implemented:

  • Communication via WLAN, radio and UMTS
  • prioritized truck loading and unloading
  • automated waste and empties requests Integration of suppliers and pre-recording of deliveries to schedule forklifts
  • time-controlled machine supply
  • Mass unloading via swap bodiesMessage system to improve internal communication

Furthermore, the forklift control system was connected to SAP at several locations. In addition, a unique truck shuttle control was implemented at the Berlin location to supply two new production halls using a nearby logistics center.