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Realization of the iFD forklift control system at the Troisdorf site to control overall. 11 front-loaders in the shipping area. Kuraray stores whole rolls of foil in crates in a mobile rack warehouse. From there, the forklift drivers have to open the individual mobile rack aisles and remove the crates. The iFD SLS bundles the shipping order and collectively assigns this order to a forklift driver. A receipt scan ensures that no goods are forgotten. The system has lean storage space management and notes the storage space of the shipping order on one of the covered pick-up areas. In summary, the iFD SLS has a large number of functions:

  • SAP interface via IDoc
  • Bundling of transport orders (belonging to the shipping order) and digital, paperless assignment to the forklift driver
  • Distance savings by means of optimization algorithms