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The boom in the electric vehicle segment did not just arrive in Germany yesterday. The development of fuel prices and the difficult situation surrounding the availability of oil are causing demand to explode once again.

To ensure that the production of electric vehicles can also be handled in a future-oriented and highly productive manner in Germany, the storage and handling of batteries for these vehicles is an essential component in the entire production chain. A number of German automotive plants are being converted into electric plants. A prerequisite for this is also the optimization of logistics processes, which can be achieved through digitization and process optimization.

Already with the delivery of the batteries in the plants - by train or truck - the IT-supported battery logistics begins with the help of the iFD software MFCS. After the batteries have been unloaded, they are stored in highly automated high-bay warehouses and then delivered to the assembly line in sequence. The iFD solution enables efficient and fast storage.

The special containers for handling the batteries are stored in empties buffers. The MFCS module "empties" manages the empty containers by type, according to supplier and location within the E-plant.

Via a flexible visualization, the warehouse elements and components are displayed graphically and given a user-friendly name. The basis for the visualization are the data from the PLC as well as order and inventory data from the MFCS.

The highly efficient modular standard system "Material Flow and Control System" (MFCS) controls the warehouse in low-effort autopilot mode. Thermal imaging integrated in the system are used for permanent temperature monitoring, as fire protection is an essential issue, particularly in the handling of batteries.

The system includes the following standard modules, which can be adapted to the customer's requirements only by configuration:

- Master data and user management

- Inventory management and control

- goods receipt

- Outgoing goods

- empties management

- Sequencing (also pre-sequencing)

In 2021 three battery warehouses for well-known OEMs in Germany were commissioned with the iFD system MFCS.

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