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What do you need to know about iFD GmbH service?

We are a high-performance team that supports our customers optimally with competence, reliability and efficiency. We achieve this only through continuous further education and training measures and regular contact with our customers. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction at the highest level.


How is the service performed?

We work with the HelpDesk - Ticket system BCS from the company Projektron GmbH. In the event of a fault, our HelpDesk organizes the various stages of the agreed services and coordinates the nationwide deployment of the iFD Group service team.

If the fault cannot be localized within a short period of time based on the incoming, initial fault description and a quick remote diagnosis, the HelpDesk immediately activates the further support levels agreed with the service customer. In addition, our HelpDesk reliably signals all deviations from the plan to the responsible management.

Compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) agreed with our customers is closely monitored here.


Our HelpDesk, in conjunction with a professional support team trained on your internal processes, ensures:

  • Recording and prioritization of all problem messages
  • Reliable forwarding of problem reports to the responsible support employees
  • Continuous monitoring of processes in terms of transparency and quality
  • Documentation in a HelpDesk ticket system, which you can view online if you wish
  • Information about the processing status of your calls
  • "Escalation" when threshold values are exceeded


For you, this means that if a fault clearance process does not run as planned and set deadlines  are exceeded, the person responsible in management is informed immediately.

The latter will decide, depending on the severity of the problem, which measures will be taken, to meet the agreed SLAs. This ensures that the necessary resources are always available to solve your problems.

What do you need to do in case of a problem?

Create a ticket for your problem in our helpdesk ticket system.

Here's the way to the helpdesk






The following data is required for quick troubleshooting:

  • Time of occurrence of the problem
  • Exact description of the problem with indication of the area of interference
  • What actions have you taken so far to solve the problem?

The more detailed your problem report is, the faster the cause of the problem will be found out. Therefore, please tell us about all the activities you performed immediately before the problem occurred. After your request has been entered into the ticket system, you will receive a written confirmation of the opening of your ticket by e-mail.

During office hours, a member of staff will contact you within the contractually agreed response times if any queries are still necessary. If you have agreed on on-call duty in your SLA, processing will be extended over this period.

Depending on the severity of the problem and the response times agreed in the SLA, processing of the root cause investigation is started and documented in the ticket.

You can view the status and processing status of your ticket at any time via secure online access. In addition, you will receive an email for each status change and edit comments.

Each ticket adds to the knowledge base, if necessary, so that equivalent issues can be resolved more quickly in the future.

With helpdesk we organize and monitor the service processes.

The use of high-availability systems requires qualified and first-class support. With our experienced support team we are available 24/7. From basic support to 3-shift monitoring with defined reaction times, a broad range of support offers is available to you via various communication channels.


The following packages are available

Base is the basic package and included in all packages.

  • Base
  • Extended services

The scope of services includes as a flat rate:

  • Willingness to troubleshoot the software components with a guaranteed response time of 4 hours monday through friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • 20 or 40 inclusive hours per year for hotline and troubleshooting; However, these hours may be redeemed for software enhancements at the end of each contract year, if there are still hours available.
  • discounted hourly rate for paid support.
  • Providing a current customer test system  at the provider with sufficient data to check updates before recording in the customer's production system.
  • Version maintenance by means of a version management program for updates.
  • Quarterly check of dial-up access for functionality and security.
  • Information via e-mail about updates and enhancements as well as additional components
  • Joint use of the DLS helpdesk system for information on the status of displayed malfunctions as well as for quick and low-cost reporting of malfunctions
  • Sharing the knowledge database to speed up the incident handling process

A basis inspection is carried out per year with the following services:

  • Checking file systems and deleting obsolete files
  • Checking the database for filling level, dimension and storage duration of the archive data
  • Review and update the SYSMON monitoring mechanismus for up-to-dateness

The extended package includes the following services:

It is possible to extend this basic contract with further additional services, such as shorter reaction times (up to 0.5 hours) and extended call readiness (up to 24/7). Support services are defined in a support contract and tailored to the needs of the customer.


Do you have questions or need help solving a problem?

Our service team supports you comprehensively and advices you on the possibilities and variants of a suitable support model for you. The concrete service package is always a dynamic solution tailored to your needs.

We guarantee this to our service customers:

  • A definded support staff including deputy
  • A personalized phone number for support requests
  • An access to the ticket system incl. knowledge database
  • system updates and ongoing development

Telephone contact:
+49 371 53 880 99

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Do you have questions or need help solving a probem?

We are happy to help you. Contact us.

Roswitha Schönbrunn

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