Full-range engine supplier relies on iFD-WMS

iFD GmbH wins a new WMS customer from Lower Saxony. The company Schmettau & Fuchs GmbH offers engine and vehicle wear parts. The goal is to optimize the intralogistics with the help of the agile and highly available iFD-WMS and an AutoStore connection.

The warehouse is planned with an AutoStore system, a pallet warehouse, a shelf warehouse, and a block warehouse, packing stations, setup stations, goods receipt area, goods issue area and returns area.

The iFD-WMS functional scope includes:

  • Goods receipt process against purchase order or through unplanned goods receipts
  • Receiving and storage taking different storage strategies into account
  • Inventory and storage location management
  • Manual and automatic replenishment, considering various replenishment strategies
  • Picking in the manual storage areas according to the man-to-goods principle, single-order picking and multi-order picking
  • Zero-net inventory, permanent inventory, End-of-period inventory
  • Connection of the AutoStore
    • Storage in undivided and divided bins
    • Inventory reservation on bin level by the WMS
    • Multi-order picking
    • Connection of pick-by-light components to the ports
  • Consolidation
  • Packaging and shipping incl. connection of external shipping software
  • Value-added services
  • Control of transports in the warehouse

By implementing the system, Schmettau & Fuchs GmbH receives a modern and future-proof software that can be expanded and adapted to changing processes at any time due to its modular structure. With the implementation of the iFD-WMS processes can be optimized, simplified and the transparency within intralogistics can be increased.

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