iFD unterstützt Benefizlauf

As a company, the iFD GmbH is not only part of economy, but als a part of society with social responsibility. For many years, social and cultural institutions have been supported.


For the first time, an iFD sports team started at this year's charity run "Running against Cancer". This event aims to raise attention for the disease and support affected families. On this nationwide unique event volunteer helpers, charity teams and donors united to evince their solidarity with affected persons and their relatives.


A team of 12 started for the iFD at up to 35°C together with more than 1,300 other runners and they performed greatly, setting an example fighting back actively against cancer. In total, 340 sweaty laps had been counted at TU Chemnitz' sports ground - impressing 136 km in about 2h time.


Kay Erkmann, iFD GmbH CEO, cares about health, social engagement and team building. "For every lap iFD GmbH will contribute 5€ to this project.", Erkmann said in an interview.


In a nutshell, the iFD could raise 1,700€ with their active participation, donated to the non-profit association "Sächsische Krebsgesellschaft e.V.". Last year the donations were invested to cancer suffering children & young people and to family weekend events for children with their families affected by cancer.

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